See those smiles? Not only did we graduate from college - we graduated debt free.

Our parents set up a college fund for us when we were just kids, managed it carefully and were able to put us through college without the help of the student loans most of our friends will be plagued with for decades. Thanks to their planning, we get to start our careers on the right foot.
And thanks to Mom and Dad, we already understand how planning pays off!
The cost of a college education has dramatically increased over the past 20 years, so if paying for college tuition and other costs is in your future, you'd be wise to consider this one of the most critical areas you need to address.

After all, those in the know estimate that public college tuition will continue to increase about 7 percent a year, while a private education will increase as much as 9 percent annually.
The first step in planning for a college education is to determine how much a college education will cost when your child is ready for college. Also find out what financial assistance may be available. When saving for a college education, it's important to consider tuition and book fees as well as your child's living and recreational expenses while attending college.

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