Business Consulting

We provide business consulting, tax planning, and business management consulting for small to medium sized businesses to help them accomplish their goals.

Take advantage of our combined 75 years of experience and get there faster...easier. We hot wire you to the people you need... with the information you need... and in the format you need... to do it right the first time.

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Tax Planning

Tax and Business Solution's tax professionals believe that planning is the cornerstone of financial success, thus a key to minimizing your personal and business tax consequences. Planning ahead is vital to avoid future problems.

Equally important as planning is timely and accurate tax return presentation. Our professionals can efficiently prepare your return.

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Retirement Planning

At Tax and Business Solutions, we know retirement planning can be a smooth process when you plan ahead. If you want to accumulate enough assets and income for a stress-free retirement and long-term security, start planning now.

But it's not enough to just start early. As with any journey, unless you have a destination you'll probably never arrive. So you must also set a retirement goal.

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College Funding

The first step in planning for a college education is to determine how much a college education will cost when your child is ready for college. Also find out what financial assistance may be available. When saving for a college education, it's important to consider tuition and book fees as well as your child's living and recreational expenses while attending college.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Regardless of your income or net worth, estate planning can be critical to the health, security, and welfare of loved ones. The only way to ensure that your wishes will be carried out after your gone is to plan ahead.

A well-designed estate plan can save thousands of dollars in death taxes and estate-settlement costs.

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